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“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

Simon Sinek, author

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Meet the ResettleMe Team

ResettleMe was founded in early 2016, soon after one of our founders experienced senior move management services first-hand for a senior family member living in another city. Having previously helped several other senior family members move “the hard way”, the realization that such a meaningful service existed was eye-opening! Life-changing, even, for it led us to discover our calling for easing the challenging transitions involved in making a household move in later life.      

Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of clients and their families successfully navigate challenging moves. Our team has managed households, raised children, and cared for aging parents. Our life experiences and training make us uniquely qualified for this work we love. And it shows!


Peggy Shults


In 2015 I was a grateful recipient of senior move management services for my 91-year-old aunt living in Minneapolis. I had been trying to coordinate her move to a senior community from afar, and I will never forget how helpful those services were! That experience colors my work to this day. I also bring personal insight to my work. My husband of more than 50 years and I have downsized ourselves from the home in which we raised our kids to a much smaller maintenance-free “cottage” … a real test of my ability to follow my own advice!


Jennifer Wuebker


Getting to know and learn from our clients, most of whom are at a stage of life where they have collected so much wisdom and experience, is one of the best parts of the work we do. Witnessing their humor, grace and courage as they make a big life transition feels like such a privilege!  It helps me keep perspective on what’s truly important in life. And I’m constantly humbled by the great work done every day by our caring and hard-working staff.


Angela Distefano

Move Manager

I make time in my life to do this kind of work because of the fulfillment and pride I feel by assisting seniors during a major transition in their lives. My work is influenced by the inspiration I’ve drawn from my own father. He has unselfishly learned every aspect of being a caregiver to my mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. I love getting to know each of my clients and using that information to envision a space that will create a sense of home for them.


Liz Weltz

Move Manager

Whenever I am working with a client, I always think about how I would want someone in my position to treat my family. My parents are older and have firsthand experience with illness and caretaking. I understand the toll it takes on families. Many of our clients and families experience similar stressors. People put a lot of trust in us. We are inside their homes, meeting their families, and learning about how they live. It is very rewarding to help people in what is one of the most stressful situations in life, MOVING! 


Patsy Ambriz

Move Team Member

I enjoy organizing & decorating, working within a team. My favorite part of my job is unpacking, paying close attention to detail to make people feel at home.  As a caretaker for my in-laws, I know how personal & emotional a move can be.  Fulfilling our clients’ requests and seeing their faces at the end is very rewarding. Downsizing is difficult, but I am very happy to help others through this challenging life event.


Pam Bauman

Move Team Member

Having made several cross-country moves in my corporate life, I feel like an “old pro” at this moving thing! I certainly understand the stress and strain it can take on a person. My favorite task is putting the final touches on a client’s new residence. I stand back every time and admire how we have, once again, worked our ResettleMe magic!


Vicki Bethard

Move Team Member

I consider it an honor and privilege to serve older adults and their families in and around our communities. Not only do we learn from their life experiences and knowledge, they pull us into their inner circle as we prepare them for their upcoming move. We value and respect them as they do us.


Rachel Einstein

Move Team Member

I love the process of creating something beautiful and meaningful. After working hard to pack everything prior to the move, unpacking and organizing gives me the opportunity to do that. I enjoy collaborating with clients and co-workers to combine both style and function in the new home. 


Mia Feldman

Move Team Member

I consider myself to be a helper/giver, and I love being able to do something for someone else. The work itself is challenging at times, but incredibly fulfilling. Working with such a fun and amazing group of women and seeing our clients’ faces light up at the end of a move are what make me excited for each and every job.


Heather Fischbach

Move Team Member

I love making a space for our clients where they will feel cared about. When I unpack and organize a space, I take the time to think about how it will be used, what the daily flow will be. I place items where I imagine they will be needed. I like to think about our clients living in their new home, reaching for their favorite mug when they want coffee. 


Susan Ramirez

Move Team Member

We are humbly charged with honoring every client’s history and creating a calm, pleasing new space for them to enjoy. I am aware of my own need for privacy in my home, and I feel our team respecting our client’s privacy as we carefully pack and unpack cherished treasures, put things away, and make their new home function well.


Mary Wegmann

Move Team Member

Working for ResettleMe allows me to feel like I am making a difference in the lives of others. My favorite task is helping clients with decisions on what they would like to take with them to their new home.  I enjoy developing relationships with clients through the sorting process, then seeing the looks on their faces after the unpack is completed and they are settled into their new place! 


Liz Worth

Move Team Member

Moving is such a stressful time for anyone, but as we age that stress increases significantly. So many of our clients have lived in the same place for so long.  Truly, it is the fear of the unknown.  As much as I love to talk, I have learned through the years to talk less and listen more.  There is rarely an occasion in life for which this lesson doesn’t apply.


Cindy Hunter

Move Team Member

Coming Soon!


Hillary Guenthner

Move Team Member

Coming Soon!

Our Mission and Values

ResettleMe exists to make challenging moves easier, both physically and emotionally, for individuals and their families, with a special focus on older adults undergoing major life transitions. In doing so, we provide work for our staff that is meaningful and rewarding.

To guide us in deciding how best to proceed in any given situation we lean on our seven core values.

We see our client’s world without judgement, respect emotions and communicate understanding.
We honor our client’s wishes while helping them avoid unpleasant surprises, and handle all property with great care, regardless of value.
We keep our client’s best interests at the forefront, optimizing the value they derive from their investment in our services.
We cultivate a collaborative work environment that inspires everyone to work unselfishly toward our common goals.
Our interpretation of client information deserving of protection is broad and we guard it carefully.
We hold ourselves to high standards for service delivery and clarity of communication.
We pay attention to the smallest details and delight in surprising clients with unexpected special touches
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ResettleMe is a proud member of the National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers and holds its highest honor of A+ Accreditation. This means we have earned this organization’s recognition as being among the top 10 percent of its more than 1,000 senior move management companies in North America.


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