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Senior Moving Services in the Greater Kansas City Area


When it’s time to move and simplify your lifestyle, all the work required to make that happen can seem overwhelming.
A ResettleMe team can work with you to make your move manageable and also help make your new surroundings quickly feel like home again.

who we help

People who have lived in their homes for many years and don’t know where to start. People who have moved recently and just don’t feel up to doing it again. People who have already sold their homes and need to move in a hurry. People who want to get a jump on a move that’s a year or more away. People who don’t have family nearby. People whose kids are close but busy. People who are moving to a senior community. People who are moving to another house. People who are moving across town. People who are leaving the Kansas City area. People who are coming to Kansas City from somewhere else.

Basically, we help all kinds of people who are facing a challenging household move.

And while we don’t discriminate by age, we specialize in working with older people and their families because, frankly, we really enjoy working with them.

Plan & Prepare • Pack & Move • Unpack & Organize • Wrap Things Up

Plan & Prepare
Pack & Move
Unpack & Organize
Wrap Things Up

Space Planning

Sorting & Downsizing

Move Management


Unpacking & Organizing

Home Clear-out

where we operate

ResettleMe provides services in the metropolitan Kansas City area, including Overland Park, Olathe, Shawnee, Lenexa, and Lawrence in Kansas, and Lee’s Summit, Independence, and Blue Springs in Missouri.

If you have a question about an area, please contact us for confirmation.

What our clients say

Here’s what past ResettleMe clients have had to say about their experience working with us:

Doug Sturgess
Google Reviews
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I was faced unexpectedly with having to move my mom from Kansas City, Missouri to Atlanta into an assisted living community while I continued to work full-time. Peggy & Jennifer at ResettleMe were so professional and helpful in every way. They are very experienced and have a 6th sense about what to include, beyond the list of items I gave them. Their communication behind the scenes and with me made this endeavor extremely easy which is what I needed and allowed me to continue working and looking after my mother who is staying with me during the transition. I can't say enough good things about their service. They handled all the packing, hired the movers, acquired the moving cubes/pods, and coordinated all of this with me and the Atlanta contact to facilitate the move-in to my mom's new home. Job well done. I highly recommend their services without reservation!
Mike Lane
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A few weeks ago the time came for moving my mom into a new place. She was in a panic on getting everything packed. Then, of course, getting everything moved into the new home and lastly cleaning up all the boxes and packing material. One of the employees at mom's new place introduced me to Jennifer at Resettleme. Her crew came into my mom's old place took pictures, packed and moved everything to the new home. They unloaded everything! All the moving boxes unpacked and everything placed in the cabinets, closets, linen storage. The best thing was Resettle me even set all of mom's Christmas tree and nativity scene just like she had them at her old place. When my mom walked in, she started crying because she was so relieved she didn't have to do all the unpacking and clean up. I heard one of the crew members say, "This is why I like working here!" Resettleme works hard to make moving for older adults as easy as possible! I can't recommend Resettleme enough! If you need to move a loved one call Jennifer and she will help! You will not regret making that phone call!
Harry Ellis
Facebook Review
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These people are the Best! I didn't have to lift a finger. They planned everything out in advance down to each measurement. A very friendly and hard working group of ladies. I was so impressed by their attention to the most minute detail.
Mary Jo Royer
Facebook Review
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100% one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! Jennifer (and her team) made Mom’s move easier and enjoyable! She helped her focus on what she WAS doing, where she WAS going and not on what she was leaving. Can we talk about moving day??? After her team spent less than 1 day packing up the house, Jennifer and the movers loaded the truck, went to the new place and the team unloaded EVERY BOX and put everything away, made the bed and labeled the cabinets. When we got there she walked Mom through the house and explained where things were and why. The personal attention to detail and the care that went into every detail is invaluable! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
Terri Monrad
Facebook Review
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I highly recommend Peggy, Jennifer and their caring, compassionate team to all my clients when making a move later in life. They take the stress and heavy lifting out of the transition to a smaller space. From helping decide what to take to a smaller residence to unpacking and getting their clients settled into their new home, ResettleMe is top on my list!
Mark Leheney
Letter Review
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I live across the country, and as you can imagine there was a lot that went into this major transition, which followed the death of my Father at the turn of the year. ResettleMe stepped in to handle the physical move, and I cannot tell you how impressed and happy I was with the team, the leader and everything they did. My mother was also delighted. It was very obvious that ResettleMe was about much more than just packing and unpacking things. The care that went into logical organization, the consulting and communication, and the positive mood they created was part of the “wow” to me. Liz Weltz as the Move Manager was a huge part of this. The way everything was put in the right place, the right way, was breathtaking. Mom’s new apartment looks like the cover of a magazine. I got the feeling that the team found this work meaningful -- genuinely helpful as a service for someone else. That is good work. So, “wow” and “thank you” are the best I can say to express all this!
Patrick Webb
Letter Review
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We really would like to thank you for your indispensable help in working through an incredibly stressful time…the relationship that you built with our mother helped so much in raising her spirits to know that her belongings were packed by such caring people…your staff treated our treasures as if they were their own. When the pressure was on, you helped us stay calm and on track to meet a very tight schedule.